Silica sol process product development

Process: silica sol

Surface requirements: brushed

Mold material: aluminum

Mold ejection method: 1 out of 2

Process flow: mold making - wax mold making - tree assembly - shell making - baking - casting - sand blasting - drilling and tapping - milling - deburring


Red indicates the processing surface

Problems that arise in actual brushed surface effect samples:

The inner hole is not completely cleaned and the wall thickness is uneven 2mm after line cutting;

Cause analysis: The size of the 1.8+0.3 positioning groove has become larger than before, resulting in an excessively large positioning gap. Verification is required for batch production.


1. The gate is polished and smooth, no concave is allowed, and the convexity does not exceed 0.2

2. In the inner hole, when batching, there is sand in it that has not been cleaned. Increase the inspection intensity.

3. The inner hole of the product and the 1.8+0.3 groove are of different sizes when making samples.


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