Precision Casting Vs Ordinary Casting

Precision casting is to pour liquid metal water into a casting model with the same shape as the part. After the casting is cooled, our precision casting products can be formed. Casting methods include sand casting, special casting, precision casting, V method casting, and precision casting in investment casting belongs to special casting. Parts cast in this way do not require machining or can be used with a small amount of machining.


Ordinary casting is boring for forging, while die casting is a casting method using pressure casting. Under high pressure, the liquid metal is filled into the casting model at a higher speed. Let it solidify under pressure. In ordinary casting, many raw materials are applied with external force and deform in a solidified state.


Summary: Precision casting and ordinary casting look similar, but they are actually two completely different casting methods. Precision casting has higher requirements and better precision.


At present, the precision casting forming process is developing rapidly and widely used. From the current situation, the future development trend of this process is that casting products are getting closer and closer to parts and components. Traditional precision castings are only used as blanks and are no longer suitable for the market. Quickly respond. The complexity and quality of parts products are getting higher and higher, research and development methods are getting stronger and stronger, professional collaboration is beginning to emerge, and the application of CAD, CAM, and CAE has become the main technology for parts product development.


From the analysis of the current development situation, the application of precision casting technology is very wide, and its future development prospects are expected to be broad.

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