The third batch of customer audit in April

And audit and verify the production process, quality control and inspection, etc.:

PPM (Parts Per Million): Product quality level.

PPAP (Production Part Approval Process): Through a series of PPAP documents and samples, we prove that our products can meet customer requirements and the production process is reliable.

Control Plan: It includes control measures, inspection methods, sampling plans, etc. taken for each production step.

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis): Identify and eliminate possible failure modes in a product or process and their impact on product performance or customer satisfaction. Through FMEA, potential problems are identified in advance and measures can be taken to mitigate their impact or avoid their occurrence.

SPC (Statistical Process Control): A method that uses statistical methods to monitor the stability and quality of the production process. By collecting and analyzing data from a process, SPC can help determine whether a process is under statistical control and whether action needs to be taken to adjust or improve the process.

Spectroscopy: used to determine the composition, structure, concentration, etc. of substances.

Tensile Testing: By applying force to stretch a material and measuring the changes in stress and strain, the tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, etc. of the material can be determined.

Yield Testing: Yield Testing is used to determine the point at which a material begins to deform under stress. The yield point is the point at which the material begins to exhibit reversible elastic deformation when the material is subjected to increasing stress, beyond which point the material deforms plastically.

Impact Testing: Evaluates the impact resistance of materials when subjected to sudden impact loads.

X-Ray Testing: Obtain information about the internal structure and composition of the object being tested by irradiating it and recording its X-ray absorption pattern. X-ray inspection is widely used in fields such as material defect detection, welding quality inspection, medical imaging and other fields.

CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine): used to measure the three-dimensional coordinates of objects. CMM obtains the geometric characteristics of the object by moving the probe in three-dimensional space and recording its position. It is usually used to inspect the size, shape, position, etc. of workpieces.   

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