Engineering machinery product research and development

Process flow: shell making-smelting-casting-sand cleaning-de-gating-grinding-welding repair-inspection-heat treatment-shot blasting

It is necessary to add 2 reinforcing ribs after the wax mold is produced. Prevent opening deformation

Subsequent casting of the membrane shell needs to be placed horizontally to prevent deformation of the four corners.

Ultrasonic flaw detection qualified

 Hardness requirement 245-290HB

Testing process;

1. Mechanical performance testing

2. Dimensional tolerance level CT8

3. Material testing, furnace opening report provided for each batch

4. Hardness testing

5. Full appearance inspection, surface pores, excess materials, lack of materials, oxide scale, welding scars, welding slag, cracks are not allowed

6. Weigh each batch of products

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